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October Tournament: Lvl 31 Horror Showdown -October 28th 1 Pm EST

We are proud to present the Miner.gg monthly tournament! Go grab your costumes and candy buckets because it’s time for Halloween, but beware of the creepy ghosts and ghouls! Afterall, Halloween is their time to shine!

Halloween is full of scary creatures and this Halloween shall be no different. Get ready for this month’s Horror Showdown tournament! This tournament will be a double elimination tournament.


  1. Only ghost, bug, poison and dark types allowed.
  2. 6 level 31 Pokémon (no duplicates).
  3. Only held items allowed. (Leftovers, Life orb, etc)
  4. No mega or legendary Pokémon
  5. No unnatural (glitched) or Moody abilities.
6. No unnatural evolutions.


First through fourth place will receive BattlePoints according to their placement.

  1. 1st place: VICTOR temporary rank and chat tag, 400 BP
  2. 2nd place: 300 BP
  3. 3rd place: 200 BP
  4. 4th place: 100 BP

The winners will also pick from a prize pool, with first place picking from the prize pool first, second place picking second, etc.


  1. Shiny ghost type Pokémon
  2. Shiny dark type Pokémon
  3. Shiny poison type Pokémon
  4. Shiny bug type Pokémon

Prizes are not final and are subject to change.


All registrations must be done through our Challonge page as soon as possible. Please be sure to use your Minecraft name. If you are unable to do so, please contact staff.

Please be sure to keep the tournament page handy - there will be Check-ins 30 minutes prior to the event.

The tournament will be on October 28th at 1pm EST. To know...

This is it! Our collective journey has taken us this far. There is nothing left on our minds but the final task... It's time for the Elite Four!

But are we truly ready for this fantastic trial? Do we have all of our badges, and are our best Pokemon ready by our side? But will that be enough?
To help everyone get set, Miner.gg presents to you the ultimate practice session: To beat the Elite Four... First be the Elite Four!


This Double Elimination Tournament will use the exact rules used for teams of selected members of the Elite Four:
  • The team must be composed of two types of choice, spread evenly (For example three Grass-type, and three Flying-types. Dual-types are allowed, but only count for one)
  • Only one Legend OR one Mega is allowed, must constrain to the typing limitation above
  • Six Pokémon, Level 100
  • No unnatural (glitched) or Moody abilities allowed
  • All regular held items allowed, no items used during battle.

First through fourth place will leave with BattlePoints equivalent to their position, meaning:
  • 1st place: VICTOR temporary rank and chat tag, 400 BP
  • 2nd place: 300 BP
  • 3rd place: 200 BP
  • 4th place: 100 BP
Winners will also get to pick from this SHINY prize pool in ranking order:
  • ANY Pokémon of choice
  • Any non-Legend of choice
  • Any of Raikou, Entei or Suicune
  • Any of Articuno, Zapdos or Moltres
As a bonus reward, first through fourth place will also get featured as a battling NPC in our upcoming Victory Road!

Prizes are not final and subject to change.


All registration is to be done as soon as possible through our Challonge page...
Hey Miners! Thanks for the warm welcome of our new server update! We have worked hard on this new spawn for months and we're so excited about how it was received. Other than that, @Elrol_Arrowsend has worked very hard to release MinerBoost which allows you to modify your Pokémon using currency obtained through gyms and events! You can check out his guide on how to use it here.

With the release and to celebrate it, we have started a 35% off sale on our store lasting until September 4th. Make sure to get your crates and build your pokemon while you can!

During september we will try to have our E4 released which is gonna be sick! While testing it numerous staff members have become mentally unstable getting lost in the Victory Road's maze. It is a sight to behold, so stay tuned for that.

We're excited to share upcoming features as they get closer to completion, so keep visiting the website and discord for sneak peaks.

See you guys in-game
-Smackzter and the Miner.GG Staff