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Guide: MinerBoost

MinerBoost is a plugin that allows players to change their pokemon in various ways. It adds 2 currencies which are similar but very different. A few things to note. Dittos can not be boosted as it would destroy the pokemon market, and legendary pokemon are twice as expensive, so prices are 2x as much as they would be for non-legendary pokemon.


This is the first type of currency, and harder to get then the other. You can use this to change almost any stat of a pokemon using /Boost [slot]. The stats you can change are as follows:
  • Level
  • Shiny status
  • Growth
  • Nature
  • Ability
  • Ivs
  • Evs
The only way to get BattlePoints is by:
  • Beating Gyms
  • Beating the Elite 4
  • Beating the Champion
  • Winning the monthly Events
You can check how many BP you have by simply using /BattlePoints or /bp
This is the second type of currency. You can use this for one of two things. Customizing your pokemon by using /Customize [slot] or /Custom [slot], or they can be exchanged for other things by using /Exchange. Customizing your pokemon allows you to change a few things:
  • Shiny Status
  • Growth
  • PokeBall
However if you exchange them you can get:
  • PokeDollars (20$ per EP)
  • PokeCrate Keys (1 Key per 2500EP)
  • ShinyCrate Keys(1 Key per 5000EP)
At the moment the only way to get EP is by winning the MinerEvents that happen every half an hour to an hour.