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New Profile Posts

  1. Eesti
    yes it is me eesti from the epic server miner.gg
  2. SenapiZero
    Pinnaples go on pizza ty
  3. jack skon
  4. HiItsMeBasti
  5. Tahnvir92
    Tahnvir92 Rockclimber2009
    Can you look pls in the support section, thank you ^^
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  6. Chick3nwrap
    Wishing for an unban.Didnt know the rules. Really put my time towards the server.I wont cheat and i'l read the rules next time. Great Server
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  7. Blackcblood65
    Blackcblood65 Rockclimber2009
    scusa sono nuovo dove posso trovare l'ip di questo server?
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  8. emicreations
    i'm banned for the server. Can i unban please?
  9. Sagen
    Im french, my name is Allan, I love Pokémon and Minecraft.
  10. IeatAnorexia
    Need to talk to staff about refund ! pls help
  11. Dexholder_Ruby
  12. Speed_Pheonix
  13. DanganNoah
    Disregard the error on my profile! I was born in 2001, not 1998!
  14. Sulinash/Jay
    Welcome to my Profile <3
  15. DanganNoah
    Hiya everybody.
  16. Xeroxic
  17. Speedy114
    Just doing my thing :P
  18. 3BM
    3BM ProudSquirrel
    Run! Squirrel!
  19. Joostie15
    Joostie15 Rockclimber2009
    Hey Rockclimber,

    I saw that you responded to my ban appeal. The reason I placed 2 appeals was because the first was was removed and the account I was using for that appeal has also been banned.

    I just wanted that you know this.

    Greetings Joost
    1. Rockclimber2009
      Thanks for letting me know!
      Jan 11, 2018
  20. HamsterBites