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New Profile Posts

  1. Tronofcool
    Beep beep i'm a sheep
    1. MinLucignan
      Sheep sheep sheep
      It's time for sleep
      I'm coming for you
      I'm coming for you~
      Sep 21, 2017 at 2:11 AM
  2. Trainer Steevee
    Trainer Steevee
    This is my favorite controller :3
  3. MinerJunker
    What are you still doing here? Get on Miner.GG@!@!@!@!
  4. Informatives
    Careful what you wish for.
  5. sirstudmuffin
    Theres my good dead for the day, given the server some of my money ;)
  6. sirstudmuffin
    I AM BACK...
  7. LegionGp
    Have a Great day!
  8. Smackzter
    Miner.GG is the best!
    1. Dualwing likes this.
  9. MuMe
    MuMe used Splash!
  10. Tom Davis
    Tom Davis Rockclimber2009
  11. ProudSquirrel
    ProudSquirrel Rockclimber2009
    Rock is a pretty cool dood :P
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  12. Klao
    Klao Smackzter
    I have a problem, i cant join the server. Everytime i try to join the game say`s "Fatally missing block and items". Do u know what i have to do to fix the Problem?
    1. Smackzter
      Aug 13, 2017
    2. Klao
      I play with the Technic Pack. And i already reinstalled the pack.
      Aug 16, 2017
  13. CobyBoby
  14. CobyBoby
    Sup peeps i love this game :) :P :P :P
  15. IIKawaiiWeebII
    IIKawaiiWeebII ProudSquirrel
    i got it working ty :D
  16. IIKawaiiWeebII
    IIKawaiiWeebII ProudSquirrel
    is there a way you can spawn me in spawn and out of the place bc its just that area im crashing on?
  17. IIKawaiiWeebII
    IIKawaiiWeebII ProudSquirrel
    yea i keep im on the right pixlemon it jsut crashes and i cant get out bc it keeps crashing
  18. IIKawaiiWeebII
    IIKawaiiWeebII Blackbearminer
    i tped to the void i think its called and idk how to get out well i just keep crashing and when i got there i crashed do you know how to fix this?its whenever i log on to pokeminer i just crash
  19. IIKawaiiWeebII
    IIKawaiiWeebII ProudSquirrel
    i tped to the void bc in chat i saw something saying ./warp the void or something like that then i did it and crashed and i cant get out bc i keep crashing
  20. IIKawaiiWeebII
    IIKawaiiWeebII ProudSquirrel
    hey squirrel i need help with something, i tped to somewhere called "the void" or something and then my game just crashed and whenever i log on to pokeminer i spawn at the void for like a second and then just crash do you know how i can fix this? -Weeb
    1. ProudSquirrel
      Are you in pixelmon 5.1.3?
      Aug 8, 2017
    2. ProudSquirrel
      I have a darkrai statue there so it may not respond well with your game
      Aug 8, 2017