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[March Tourney] Luck O' the Irish

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ProudSquirrel, Mar 3, 2018.

By ProudSquirrel on Mar 3, 2018 at 1:41 AM
  1. Alright lads and lasses, it’s March, spring is in the air and the wee men are out and about and raring for a fight. This tournaments all about the Luck o’ the Irish and we’re always down for a good bar fight on Pokeminer.
    Rules are simple, get yer wee men out there and beat the other wee men in mortal combat. The tournament will be on Saturday March 31st at 3pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

    • Only Pygmy or Microscopic pokemon allowed, a true Irishman takes the low road. 3 lvl 35 pokemon, single battle format.
    • No moves with an accuracy higher than 90, a true Irishman wins with luck over skill (This allows OHKO moves, a true Irishman never underestimates the power of a blind haymaker in a brawl).
    • No moves that improve evasion, a true Irishman never runs or hides from a fight, he takes that hit right to his lovable face.
    • No items/moves that boost accuracy or No Guard abilities, a true Irishman needs nothing but his fists and the sweet ambrosia that is whiskey. (While Moody has a chance to boost accuracy it also has the chance to drop it which when I plug it into a calculator makes a happy face, therefore it is allowed.)
    • No legends or megas, a true Irishman is a champion of the common rabble.
    • Baton Pass is not allowed, a true Irishman doesn’t let his friends fight his battles for him.
    • No unnatural or glitched pokemon, a true Irishman is a god-fearing man and will not abide grotesqueries.

    • 1st place will receive 400BP and the Victor Rank.
    • 2nd place will receive 300BP.
    • 3rd place will receive 200BP.
    • 4th place will receive 100BP.
    Additionally winners will be able to choose from the following Pokemon.
    • Shiny Xerneas,
    • Shiny Shaymin
    • Shiny Celebi
    • Shiny Ho-oh

    You can sign up using the Challonge link listed here: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/H1hQDVRKoQ
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ProudSquirrel, Mar 3, 2018.