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New Event

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by darkmeow167, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Okay here how the holiday event work. Let's say that it's Christmas u would have to get Pokémon like a rain deer. U would have to get the best Christmas Pokémon team based.. like u need a santa looking Pokémon and the rain deers. And name them, then battle them who has the best team will get a special Pokémon. Like a shiny rain deer . And there will be one like every year.so it would be very rare to get. (Idk what the Pokémon looking deer thing is called)
  2. Tbh I saw something like that before irl where they had people make teams out of only Dark, Ghost types, and a list of approved Halloween Pokémon and fight a tournament. Prize was an HA Sableye.
    We could do something like that for Christmas with Ice and Normal + some extras
    It could be a monthly tournament theme then.
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  3. Sounds cool to me, I like the idea :D
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