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[Pixelmon] Legendary Locations & Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Dualwing, Aug 12, 2017.


    Throwing this together for people who ask about the new Legendaries, as the wiki will not likely update with this information.

    Pixelmon Dark Legends

    Wilderness Legends:

    Palkia - Extreme Hills M - Day
    Dialga - Extreme Hills+ M - Day
    Giratina - Roofed Forest M - Night
    Manaphy - Deep Ocean (Water) - Day
    Phione - Ocean (Water) - Day
    Shaymin - Flower Forest - Day
    Cresselia - Birch Forest - Night
    Darkrai - Swampland M - Night
    Arceus - Mega Taiga Hills - Dawn/Dusk
    Victini - Redwood Taiga Hills M - Day
    Reshiram - Extreme Hills M - Night
    Zekrom - Roofed Forest M - Day
    Kyurem - Ice Plains Spikes - Day
    Tornadus - Savanna - Day
    Thundurus - Savanna M - Night
    Landorus - Mesa Plateau - Most Day
    Cobalion - Extreme Hills+ M - Dawn/Dusk
    Terrakion - Mesa Plateau F - Night
    Virizion - Sunflower Plains - Day
    Keldeo - River - Dawn/Dusk
    Genesect - Extreme Hills+ - Night
    Meloetta - River - Night
    Xerneas - Flower Forest - Day
    Yveltal - Savanna Plateau (Air) - Day
    Hoopa - Desert, DesertHills - Day
    Diancie - Extreme Hills+ - Day
    Volcanion - Mesa Plateau - Day
    Magearna - Flower Forest - Night
    Tapu Koko - Jungle - Night
    Tapu Lele - Jungle - Night
    Tapu Bulu - Jungle - Night
    Tapu Fini - Jungle - Night​

    Pixelmon 5.1.2 Legends

    Wilderness Legends:

    Mew - JungleHills/Jungle M - Day
    Raikou - Savanna - Dawn/Dusk
    Entei - ExtremeHills M - Day
    Suicune - Beach - Night
    Lugia - Deep Ocean (Air) - Night
    Ho-Oh - Mesa Bryce (Air) - Day
    Celebi - Flower Forest - All Times
    Regirock - Mesa Plateau M - Day
    Regice - Ice Mountains - Night
    Registeel - Mesa Bryce - Dawn/Dusk
    Latias - Deep Ocean/Ocean (Air) - Day
    Latios - Deep Ocean/Ocean (Air) - Dawn/Dusk
    Kyogre - Deep Ocean (Water) - Night
    Groudon - Desert Hills - Day
    Rayquaza - Sunflower Plains (Air) - Dawn/Dusk
    Jirachi - Extreme Hills+ M - Dawn/Dusk
    Deoxys - Cold Taiga M - Night
    Uxie - River - Day
    Mesprit - River - Dawn/Dusk
    Azelf - River - Night
    Heatran - Mesa Plateau M (Ground) - Dawn/Dusk
    Regigigas - Cold Taiga M - Dawn/Dusk
    Special Legends:

    Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres require the purchase of their respective Shrines and an Orb combined with an evolution stone (All which may be found at /warp Pokemart)
    These are the Shrine/Orb (Evo stone) combinations for each:
    Articuno - Frozen Shrine - Orb of Frozen Souls (Water Stone)
    Zapdos - Static Shrine - Orb of Static Souls (Thunderstone)
    Moltres - Fiery Shrine - Orb of Fiery Souls (Fire Stone)​
    Then, follow these steps:
    - Defeat 375 Pokemon with the orb in your inventory to charge it.
    - Place the shrine carefully, as removal of it requires an admin.
    - Make sure you have your gear ready, as a battle will immediately initiate when you activate the shrine
    - Right click the shrine with the full orb to start the battle​
    As this seems to sometimes trigger the infamous "Stuck in Waiting" glitch, it is advised to ask staff or someone trusted to witness the battle.
    Once used, a shrine may not be used again.

    Mewtwo first requires you to obtain a Mew, then engage the long process of crafting a Cloning machine, which itself requires two Fossil machines (Links lead to Pixelmon wiki recipes for both)
    You must also reserve three in any combination of Iron, Gold or Diamond blocks for each cloning attempt (Diamond highly recommended for the best chance of Mewtwo)
    Once all the components are obtained, follow these steps:
    - Place the machine somewhere safe. Unlike shrines, it may be mined back.
    - Select the Mew in your team, and right click the tank on the left. This will not take away your Mew
    - Right click the tank on the right with the three blocks held. Depending on their rarity, your chances of a Mewtwo will increase, to a max chance of 37.5%
    - If the cloning attempt succeeds, Mewtwo will break out of the machine and roam for you to battle it.
    - If the cloning attempt fails, the machine is intact and you get to battle a Ditto instead.​
    Keep in mind that Mewtwo does not automatically battle you, so make sure you are in a safe environment and all witnesses are trusted.
    This process can be done three times per Mew, but you will lose the machine every time a Mewtwo is created. You will however never lose your Mew.
    As there is no way to guarantee how many cloning attempts are left on a Mew, purchasing one from a player in order to attempt to clone it is highly unrecommended

    Other Legendary Facts

    - The server spawn rate for Legendaries as of today (08/31/17) is 50% chance every 20 minutes
    - All Legendaries start with 3 31 IVs, which means the average Legend is 75% IV
    - There are no more unused "wild shrines", they must be bought at the Pokemart
    - Heatran is an unique Legend which may actually spawn underground
    - The places with the most possible legendaries at once are Deep Ocean and River with 5 each.
    - Close contenders are the Flower Forest and the Jungle with 4 different Legends.
    If anymore questions need answered, you may also consult the Pixelmon Wiki (everyone's best friend!)

    Feedback is welcome as I hope to keep this guide updated
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