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-------[[Please Reduce Spawn Rates!!]]-------

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MinerJunker, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Playing on my favorite Minecraft server has been very hard as of late. Not having access to a PC that can handle the load that server bears upon it is very frustrating! As I was just flattening land I had to leave the work area every 5 minutes or I couldn't even move. I know from talking to many on the server I am not the only one the community has definitely been feeling it too. So I am here to speak up and propose a change! We could reduce the spawn rates to 3.5x from 7.5x ( This seems like a lot but it would make the server more accessible for everyone ). I have seen numerous new people leaving the server because they say once they leave spawn that they have 5, 2, and even 1 frame rate. It is extremely hard to do anything outside of spawn and it is a task to even build a very small house! Here are some Pros and Cons to reducing the spawn rates. Pros: Would bring back and make the server seem much more attractive with increased spawns but not making the task of going out and hunting for your favorite Pokemon unbearable. Would increase rarity of shinies and other Pokemon which are under valued on our server and found much too frequently. Cons: Would make the server seem less attractive to those who can handle insane amounts of Pokemon spawns which I believe is definitely the minority in this case. I would like to thank anyone who read this and any Developer who is willing to consider it I want to see our server strive <3 Sincerely ~ MinerJunker
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  2. Any further suggestions to reduce lag can be posted here, I will certainly include them in the article thanks! :)
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  3. If I recall, we once lowered our spawn rates and had a lot of complaints about people just feeling like they couldn't find any Pokémon
    I think the hard part is finding this careful balance between the two. And we actually have been adjusting the rates looking for it too. Hopefully we can eventually find a point that satisfies as many people as possible.

    I personally deal with the spawn rates quite well lately, but as soon as another person is here I can't play at all... So I do understand your concern.
  4. I think we could reduce them a bit more. Thanks for voicing your concerns here @MinerJunker!