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The Elite 4 has arrived!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Rockclimber2009, Dec 23, 2017.

By Rockclimber2009 on Dec 23, 2017 at 7:01 PM
  1. Seasons Greetings! The Elite Four has arrived!

    The time has finally arrived! As an early holiday present from the staff here at to all of our wonderful players, the Elite Four Challenge has officially been released! Starting right now, players who have beaten all 8 of our gyms may begin their quests to defeat the Elite Four and to become the Elite Four Champion. Below are the guidelines on the Elite Four Challenge and the various rewards we have in place for those worthy players who manage to defeat the Elite Four. We apologize for the length but this guide will hopefully answer any and all questions about the Elite Four Challenge!

    The Elite Four Challenge!

    The Elite Four will have 4-8 leaders at all times. Wanting to be similar to the original games, you will still only need to defeat a minimum of 4 leaders to complete the E4. As a result of having up to 8 leaders, we have divided the Elite Four into Floors.


    Floors are the term given to each “stage” of the E4. Each floor of the Elite Four building (currently known as the Event Hall) has been classified as a unique “gym”. These floors may have more than 1 leader, much like our gyms. Each of these Floors will function like the gyms currently. I.e. For the Ground gym, you must fight either xMrGrylex or Ciel09 to receive the Ground gym badge. Likewise, if there are two leaders of a particular Floor you only have to defeat one of the two members to claim the “Badge” of that Floor. Once you have defeated all four Floors, you have defeated the Elite Four! However, there are other optional challenges that one can attempt against the Elite Four even after you’ve beaten each Floor!

    Current Leaders of Each Floor:

    Floor 1: Proudsquirrel Types: Water/Fire

    Floor 2: Nanomagma Types: Water/Dark

    Floor 3: Sultrysasquatch Types: Ground/Grass

    Floor 4: xMrGrylex Types: Psychic/Dark

    Champions Floor: None (yet!)

    Rules for Challengers:

    The rules are the same as for challenging the gyms, except, One Hit Knock Out moves and the Moody ability are NOT allowed. Each Floor will act as a separate gym. Meaning, if the challenger loses to an E4 member, they are on cooldown from only that Floor for 12 hours, however, they may still challenge the other three Floors if they would like. The Floors need not be challenged or defeated in any particular order. You may IV/EV train your team however you would like.

    The challenger may use different teams for each of the members if they would like as well.

    In order to challenge the E4, you must have all 8 gym badges.

    Please utilize the discord to set up any E4 Challenges by messaging the leaders directly. Please allow at least a full day for a response (although most responses should be much faster).

    **NOTE: If a player wishes to attempt the “Champion Challenge” (see below rewards for more details) their team may only have one legend or one mega evolution pokémon in their party. Normal form Arceus is also not allowed.

    Rules for the Elite Four Leaders:

    The leaders of the Elite 4 will have dual typed teams. Meaning that three pokémon will share one type, while the other 3 pokémon share the other type. For example, a grass/electric team would have at least three pokémon with a grass typing, while the other three pokémon would have electric typings. You will be informed/may ask the E4 leader what dual types they are using before officially challenging them. In addition, Elite 4 leaders are allowed to IV/EV train, as well as have up to one legend or mega evolution on their team, but not both.

    The Elite 4 will have a 100 level cap for fights.

    The Elite Four Challenges and Rewards:

    Below are the various challenges and rewards we have in place for the Elite Four Challenge. Some of these challenges and rewards are not in place at the release of the Elite Four as they require more than our starting four members to complete.

    Standard Elite Four Challenge and Rewards:

    The Standard Elite Four Challenge is simple. Defeat the Four Floors and the Current Champion (if there is one) and claim the following rewards as you progress through the Challenge:

    Rewards for “Defeating a Floor”:

    Upon beating a member of the E4 from one of the above Floors the player will be awarded with:

    25,000 PokeDollars

    200 Battle Points

    A “Badge” from the Corresponding E4 Floor

    Rewards for “Obtaining the Four E4 Badges”:

    In addition to the individual “Defeating a Floor” rewards, when a player has defeated each of the four E4 Floors they will be awarded:

    50,000 PokeDollars

    400 Battle Points

    Allowed Access to Challenge the current Champion (if there is one).

    Reward for “Defeating the Champion”:

    If a challenger defeats the Champion they will be awarded:

    25,000 PokeDollars

    400 Battle Points

    Name Placed in Hall(way) of Fame.

    Note: this does not mean they become the new champion. See below “ Champion Challenge” for that info.

    Elite Four Mastery Challenge:

    A player may attempt to show mastery of the Elite Four by defeating each Floor Leader. Rewards for this challenge may only be earned if there are at least 6 Floor Leaders in the Elite Four:

    Rewards for Defeating all (minimum of 6) Members of the Elite 4:

    As an extra challenge, if the challenger goes back to fight all of the Elite 4 members, they will be rewarded once they have successfully beaten every individual leader:

    25,000 PokeDollars

    200 Battle Points

    The “Champion Challenge”:

    The “ Champion Challenge” is an incredibly difficult challenge to only be attempted by those of strong will and perseverance. This challenge requires the player to use the same pokémon team to defeat all four Floors and the current Champion (if there is one). For clarification: moves and held items on the pokémon may be changed between battles, but the individual pokémon’s characteristics may not be altered, such as Level, Nature, IV’s, and EV’s. Any player looking to become the Elite Four Champion must utilize a pokémon team that has only one legend or one mega evolution pokémon in their party. They may also not utilize the God of pokemon, Arceus. Those that succeed at this challenge will be crowned Champion of the Elite Four.

    Rewards for Defeating the Four Floors and Champion with the Same Team:

    If the challenger uses the same pokémon team to beat all four of the Floors and the current Champion (if there is one), they will be awarded:

    25,000 PokeDollars

    400 Battle Points

    Their full team will be made into shinies (if they’d like), keeping same stats, abilities, nature, etc.

    They will be crowned the new Champion, if they agree to follow the Champion guidelines (see below).

    If they agree to follow the guidelines, and utilized a pokémon team with only one legendary or one mega evolution pokémon, they will gain the following rewards for as long as they remain Champion:

    They will receive an in game rank (similar to Victor, but “Champion”)

    They will receive the same kits as an Elite-2 rank from the Donation store.

    Champion Guidelines:

    Upon defeating the E4 and the Champion with the same pokémon team, the player will be crowned the new Champion if they agree to follow the following rules:

    1. The Champion must join the official discord, if they are not already in it.

    2. The Champion must be available to defend their title in a timely matter (less than 5 days after requested unless prior arrangements are made)

    3. The Champion must battle challengers with the same team they used to become the Champion.

    4. All Champion battles must be overseen by an official Staff Member.

    5. If the Champion is dethroned they must wait 7 days before challenging the new Champion, even if the player who dethroned them is dethroned themselves before the 7 days are up.

    6. If the Champion is inactive or unresponsive for more than 7 days (without prior arrangements made with Staff) they will be removed and replaced by the utmost previous Champion (if there are no previous Champions, the Elite Four will return to not having Champion until a new player defeats the Champion Challenge).

    Thank you all for reading. If you are wondering how to become an official Elite Four Leader a separate post will be after the New Year on the guidelines we will be looking for prospective leaders to meet. Happy Holidays and Best Wishes as you begin the Elite Four Challenge!

    -This is made possible with the help of MrGryle and the MinerGG Staff team!
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Rockclimber2009, Dec 23, 2017.